Caring Not


WE ARE A RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. is a grassroots resistance movement utilizing the power of film and social media to inform, educate and empower those opposed to euthanasia and assisted suicide (E/AS). The initiative is spearheaded by The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition in association with like-minded organizations and individuals around the globe - specifically in the Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Australia and Canada. This movement is designed to resist the acceptance of euthanasia while providing jurisdictions with data to resist its legalization.


We are also dedicated to providing support and assistance to through Compassionate Community Care services to help people who need advice concerning medical treatment issues and who need protection from E/AS.


Our first film, The Euthanasia Deception, features powerful testimonies from Belgium and Canada exposing the three deceptions used by the ‘assisted dying’ lobby.  The first: that E/AS is a form of compassion or ‘mercy’.  The second is autonomy: that the decisions made between doctor and patient operate in a vacuum. Finally the myth that safeguards can protect the vulnerable. And we are all vulnerable.